Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Rock's Birthday

When we got back from vacation, we had no camera so I have no pictures from in between then and Rock's birthday on the 18th. My apologies. But I can assure you, nothing truly exciting happened.
So again, Rock's birthday began with the greatest thing. At least the greatest thing to him... a blueberry muffin. And candles. And singing Happy Birthday.
Then we came downstairs to where Fix and I had set up birthday banners the night before. Rock was fascinated.
Why? Because the banners were made up of little cards with various car symbols on them. Rock can identify most of the symbols so he sat there saying "Honda, Mercury, Ford, Chevy Corvette, Porsche..." until we reminded him about the whole muffin thing.
Oh so good. Now reader, see if you can identify the trend in the four opening-gifts-pictures that follow.
First Rock opened sheets (for his big boy bed whenever the carpenter finishes making it) from Juju. He didn't know what they were, but he liked that they had cars on them.
A cool card from Mommy and Daddy. It even had construction machine stickers!A superman shirt from Daddy (purchased on Fix's recent trip to Six Flags).
"New" puppets from Mommy and Daddy (thank you Cripe family!). Did you see the theme?
And a "new" puppet theater (again, thank you Cripe family!). After opening gifts, we got ready for the day, took a trip to Target (where the birthday boy got an Elmo coloring book and helped me pick out a shirt for his birthday party), and took a long afternoon nap.
That afternoon, Rock and Fix played a marathon game of "Trucks and Cars."
We ended the night at home where Rock got to watch a MOVIE. Okay so it wasn't really a movie, it was just the live performance of "Human" by the Killers (when they were on SNL). That is Rock's favorite song. The tongue is sticking out 'cause he's concentrating on his dance moves. Happy Birthday baby! We are so blessed to have you as our son!


Bethany said...

Squinty eyes.

sarah said...

I think they're weird half circle eyes.

Isaac and Joanna said...

Oh my gosh, I love that his favorite song is by The Killers! =) What a great birthday.