Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Lon-don is Fun-Fun!

As the saying goes, "Lon-don is Fun-Fun!" What? You don't know that saying? Perhaps that's 'cause I made it up. But believe me it's true. Thanks to a little saving on our part and the generosity of family and friends, we experienced it for ourselves this February!
My little sister Susanna (pictured above) is studying abroad there and our baby girl is due in March so we wanted to get over and see her before we are parents of two and never go anywhere again.
So we packed our bags. And we packed Rock's bags so he could stay with my parents for the first half of the week, and Fix's parents for the second half.
Then we ate our last meal in the USA and boarded the plane.
After an overnight flight with a little (uncomfortable) sleeping, we were tired, but we were there!

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