Thursday, February 18, 2010

London Day 1

Zuni met us at the airport. We won't talk about how she was late.
We'll just talk about how we hopped on the Tube to head into town and Fix was really happy 'cause he got his reflection in this picture.
When we got off the Underground, I found this beautiful sight. I'm not sure if the city painted these helpful hints on the streets just for me, but they helped me out over and over.
Flat 9. Zuni's home sweet home. We dropped off our bags and then headed out on the town.
First stop, Hayes Galleria. Back in the day, there was no floor here and the ships were real, not fountains.
Best picture of the two of us. Thats the HMS Belfast behind us. It's now permenantly docked here and has a museum on board.Fix and Zuni and Wren's monument to the great fire of London. If you can see it in this picture, you are amazing.
Walking to the Tate Modern, we passed the re-creation of the Globe Theatre.
And here we are at Tate Modern...
Where we became one with the art.Zuni in the Andy Warhol room.
Fix under the wooden plug.
Me, compressed in the elevator. Apparently Londoners don't care if the elevator is full. They get on it anyway.
After sharing love, we walked across the Millenium Bridge...
To St. Paul's Cathedral. It was beautiful inside but I couldn't take pictures. Instead I got an audio tour and sat inside while...
Fix and Zuni climbed the steps to the top.
There they took a picture of the Tate Modern (that we just visited!) and the Millenium Bridge (that we just walked across!).
This guy was mad that they took other pictures. So they climbed back down and we left.

Outside, two beautiful girls serenaded the crowd with a beautiful rendition of "Feed the Birds" from Disney's Mary Poppins.
Next stop was Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese. This is the oldest pub in London and it was featured in Rock's book (given to him by Zuni for Christmas) THIS IS LONDON. He was very excited that we were actually going to go there.
We got some fish n' chips and those who could drink got pints. But the girl who couldn't drink was so tired she couldn't hold her eyes open for a picture with her water. So we went to our hostel to get a good night's sleep.
But our hostel made me feel like this. Called The Clink, it used to be a jail and now it's a fun hostel. Unless you are a pregnant lady who likes to have a pillowcase when she has a pillow.
I also might have liked it better if our 'private room' had a lock on the door. This made it hard to drown out the other people talking/fighting/crying in the hallway and adjacent rooms.
Even if the door could lock, anyone could walk by and look in. Again, not exactly my idea of private.
This is Fix returning from canceling the next two nights at this place and booking two nights at the Travelodge around the corner. It was around 11 pm.
This is Fix looking down from his bunk. It actually quieted down around this time and we slept soundly the rest of the night. Their breakfast the next morning wasn't bad either. If you are in London and you are 18-25 years old and you aren't pregnant, I'd even recommend it. Phew, that's Day 1. More to come!

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