Monday, February 15, 2010

Showering Shin

The day after my birthday, I was again spoiled with a party! Well, the gifts weren't exactly for me, but I still had a blast at the shower my Mother-in-law threw for Baby Shin.We had a lovely tea with scrumptious sandwiches, savories and sweets.
My favorite cookies were these adorable ones, made by my childhood friend Becky. She has business called Cookies for Africa and she makes the most wonderful personalized cookies for all occasions. She donates all the money she makes for mosquito nets to protect children in Africa from malaria and other diseases.
The cookies are more adorable and delicious than I can describe. For more information on the cookies and better pictures than I took, click here.
After eating, I opened a bunch of adorable gifts. Mostly clothes, which is exactly what our baby girl needs!
Clearly I missed the memo on wearing a red sweater. Perhaps they were just prepping for the next day (Valentine's Day).
Those are my two sisters-in-law on the left there. I was so glad that all these sweet ladies braved the snow to come and celebrate our baby girl on the way!
Although I think she tired of the event before it was over, I was glad that Annie brought Sophie along.
Not sure if we'd be together again before Shin is born, Annie and I took a compare-the-bellies-shot. I'm so happy to be pregnant with Annie again. Her son Clip is about three weeks older than Rock and now she's due about 3 months after me.
Thanks again Nana Kerry for a wonderful shower!

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Jen said...

What a wonderful celebration of love! And so befitting on Valentine's Day weekend. I did laugh at the red sweater picture because they're all even the same shade of red. :0) "Shin" This is going to stick with her for the rest of her life as her "pet" name isn't it? Love, love, love the "Princess Shin" cookies. You deserve such a shower of blessings because you, Rachel, are such a blessing to others. Here's praying for a quick and easy deliver so we can meet little Miss Shin, soon.