Friday, February 26, 2010

SIX Years Old!

If there are snakes on the cupcakes, you know it's a boy's birthday party.While Fix was out of town speaking at Wallace's YAF Retreat, Rock and I went to Aiden's SIX year old birthday party. I couldn't believe that this little guy is SIX years old! For the record, he's not really blowing out the candles here, just being a ham for the camera!
And I couldn't believe how YUMMY these cupcakes were!
Aiden and Sophie were careful to eat every last milligram of icing. Even the little blob that accidentally fell off on the table was scraped over and over again.
I know she's not the birthday girl, and I know that's not her real smile, but I still really love beautiful little Sophie!
As usual, Rock really got into the Happy Birthday singing...
But most of the party he preferred playing with Mater to engaging with real people.
Oh and did I mention there were balloon hats? The birthday boy was supposed to pick his favorite one, but he wisely observed that they were all his favorite.
The proud parents!
The new scooter!
The pregnant bellies! So I guess we did get another chance to compare bellies after Shin's Shower. How is it that Annie is SO much smaller than me when she's only 3 months behind me?!?! And by the way, the matching outfits were totally not planned.
Here's the results of the last time we both found ourselves with pregnant bellies. Thanks again to Annie and Nick for hosting a great party! And Aiden, please stop growing up. It's just too much!

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Nick, Annie, Aiden, Sophie and Clip said...

Dang! I like your post better than mine. I should've waited and just linked to yours! ;)
Thanks for all the great pictures!