Tuesday, February 23, 2010

London Day 5

We joined the crowds early Saturday morning (Day 5) to peruse the antiques and oddities on Portobello Road.
I purchased three new pashminas/scarves for one low price (you can see the new red one in these pictures)!
Fix found a really cool old "F" stamp in this printer's drawer. He also bought a beautiful loaf of freshly made ciabatta bread but we had some confusion over who had the camera and I missed snapping a shot of him buying it.
Our second and final fish-n-chips experience happened at Costas Greek Restaurant. Although they have a vast menu of various Greek dishes, the only thing I saw anyone eating was their famous fish-n-chips.
And they were pretty yummy!
Next stop was the famous department store, Harrods.
We made sure to stop by one of the three monuments to Princess Di and Dodi Fayed (his dad owns Harrods).
As you may recall from our trip to FAO Schwartz in NYC, Zuni is quite the Sylvanian fan. We were all shocked to see just how many different families/houses/venues they had!
See how Fix is standing (ciabatta bread in hand) next to this Lego guy? There are NO SEATS in Harrods - unless of course you are eating in one of their beautiful food halls (no pictures of those 'cause I'm stupid and didn't take any). After walking around Portobello Road and walking around this store, we were exhausted!
So we stopped in at the Paul bakery across the street.
The tea and the sweets were very yummy.
And sitting down for awhile revived our energy and our smiles.
After a quick stop at the grocery store, we put together quite a yummy feast with Fix's ciabatta bread taking center stage.
Doesn't Susanna have the cutest coffee table? It's perfect for dining in and watching the Olympics on her laptop. Which was all our weary bodies could handle that night.

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Nick, Annie, Aiden, Sophie and Clip said...

I was hoping to see a shot of Susanna's apt!
I'm drooling over the ciabatta bread!