Wednesday, February 24, 2010

London Day 6

Day 6 was Sunday so we spent a good amount of the day in this room. It is the sanctuary at St. Helens Bishopsgate where Susanna goes to church.
We went to their morning service and then out to a delicious roast (traditional Sunday afternoon meal) at a delicious restaurant with Susanna's friend Jane. Can I remember the name of the restaurant?*** Nope! Can I at least show you a photo? Nope!
After a leisurely lunch, we went to the Victoria and Albert Museum. They had a fascinating display on jewelry, but my favorite part was seeing this salt cellar. Susanna had written a paper on this little guy that researched it's importance in history/it's place in the collection at the V&A, etc. etc.
We should have aimed her finger a little better in that first picture because this is the salt cellar itself. The precursors of modern day salt shakers, these guys used to sit on tabletops everywhere. Interesting, no? Anyway, our stop at the V&A was brief but nice and then we went back to St. Helens for evening worship.
Both sermons we heard brought glory to God and in the evening we had the pleasure of witnessing full-immersion baptisms in the baptismal font which was in the floor! I am very glad that Susanna has such a lovely church home in London. So, Day 6 was our least documented day but very enjoyable nonetheless.**
**We won't mention how Susanna got sick in the Underground station on our way back to church. She was a trooper and came and sat with us for the whole service but needless to say, this put a damper on any evening activities after the service.
*** Susanna just informed me that the name of the restaurant was Canteen.

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