Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Big Brothers, Little Siblings

Juju wanted to meet Martin, so a week after he was born, we drove up to the Hathaways and brought them some lunch.
I put Rock and Louisa in their Big Brother/Little Sister outfits not knowing that Aiden would be wearing his Big Brother shirt too! And what a good big brother Aiden is to Sophie, Clip and Martin!
Rock might need to take a few lessons from him. You see, usually Rock is super sweet to his baby sister.
But occasionally, he is a punk.
And that makes her furious! Appreciate how he looks so thoroughly pleased with himself for inciting such a pitiful response.


Becky Evans said...

Man...what a punk!!! I'll have to teach her some "little sister" moves. Although, that might not be the best response ;)

IBRAHIM said...

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FONT LOVER said...

absolutely cute ^^!