Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Martin Seth Hathaway

On June 4th, my best friend Annie had her fourth baby, Martin Seth Hathaway at Howard County Hospital. When her first son Aiden was born there, I went and saw him on the day he was born. When her second son Clip was born there, I saw him on the day he was born. So of course, I had to go see Martin on the day he was born.*
After I got to hold him and stare at his adorable cuteness for a long time (but not long enough!)...
Fix brought the kiddies up from the car so they could meet and hold Martin.
Martin was named after Marty, Annie's dad -- just like Rock was named after Rock, my dad.
Annie and I were both convinced she was having a girl and had planned for Louisa to be her best friend. Now that we know it's a boy, we have planned for them to get married. And I guess they can be best friends too 'cause it's always a good idea to marry your best friend. Anyway, doesn't Annie look beautiful for just having a baby?! CONGRATS to the whole Hathaway family and welcome baby Martin!
** You read that right, Annie has FOUR kids but Sophie, her daughter (#2 in birth order) was born while they were in Seminary in St. Louis and I was living in California with Fix 'cause he was in Seminary out there! So unfortunately, I couldn't come to see her on the day she was born!

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