Friday, June 18, 2010


Have you met Rock's best friends?
I am confident that we've heard the question "Wanna play cars and trucks wif me?" over a million times this year. It is usually the first phrase out of Rock's mouth in the morning and we spend at least a small portion of everyday with the cars from Radiator Springs.
Shortly after these pictures were taken he acquired Sally (thank you Juju) and Mack (thank you Annie) and his obsession with "the cars with eyes" has reached an all-time high.

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Nick, Annie, Aiden, Sophie, Clip and Martin said...

I almost get a little tear in my eyes remembering back to Aiden's sweet days (actually YEARS!) of being in love with the "Cars cars" (as they were referred to in our house!)
He has grown up so fast in the past year and now doesn't even look at his Cars cars and kindof rolls his eyes at Lightning (because Aiden is way too cool for those baby toys now!) and it actually makes me kinda sad.
Its so sweet to see Rock so into them - and reminds me of my sweet 2 year old Aiden!
By the way, I have that Lightning McQueen cake pan if you're ever interested in a 6 hour icing endeavor! :) (I can't really remember if it took that was just LONG!) But worth it for that look on his face! :)
If I was a really wonderful Aunt, I would offer to make it for him - and maybe I will by September -- just give me a few more months to recover before I commit! :)