Monday, June 7, 2010

May Vacay: Day One

Thanks to the generosity of some family friends, we spent the last week in May in Bethany Beach, DE. It was our first vacation as just the four of us.
Most of day one was spent finishing up our packing (I just couldn't quite get it done without Fix's help and I didn't get his help until the first day of vacay) and in the car. Rock is working his way towards reading so we took along the McGuffey's Eclectic Primer. My dad used it to teach me to read and now we borrowed his copy to practice with Rock.
Thankfully, the first day at the beach was overcast and foggy so we didn't miss much. For the record, Louisa is in the back of the stroller, not taking this picture.


Isaac and Joanna said...

We had the McGuffey's books too! I had forgotten about them until I saw the picture. So glad you guys were able to enjoy a nice beach vacation! =)

Michele said...

Gwen learned to read off the McGuffey's too! But Elijah has trouble with the a's because they're printed weird. :)