Thursday, June 3, 2010


With two wild animals boy cousins in town, we had to go to the zoo!
Thankfully Aunt Susi (and Nana and Elizabeth who are not pictured) came along to help.
Rock and Caleb got wheeled around in style...
While Louisa sat in the front of the double stroller. At 8 weeks, she wasn't quite old enough to meet the '6 months' requirement to sit up there, but I tightened up the straps and she survived. Don't tell.
We saw elephants (can you see them in the picture above?), tigers, lions, alligators, pandas,
And even an oryx.
And while we're on the theme of animals, doesn't Caleb remind you of Chicken Little from the Disney movie?
Too cute.

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Susanna (aka Susi) said...

Oh, my gosh, the Chicken Little resemblance is uncanny! :D I must say, our wild animals managed to keep themselves pretty well in check...apart from a few delightful alpha male domination moments--which I thoroughly enjoyed.