Saturday, June 12, 2010

May Vacay: Day Six

Friday night, we drove up to NYC to visit the Smallmans. Since we got in around 12:30 am we were none too pleased that Rock and Geneva wanted to get us all up early. But again, Rock was ready to play with some people is own age. He and Geneva were like peas and carrots.
And although we were tired, we were really pleased to meet Will and Christel's little girl, Maisie. She was born just a week after Louisa and she is just as sweet as can be.
We were also really pleased to meet up with Isaiah (Will's nephew) and his girlfriend Kelly (not pictured). Fix used to vacation with the greater Smallman family so he knew Isaiah as a wee lad.
Check out the smiley face pizza. It was a big hit.

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Biff said...

These are great posts, glad you put them up. However, I notice there are many pictures of Geneva and Maisie but only one of me. Just saying.