Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The ULTIMATE Ultimate Crib Sheet

Before Rock was born, my friend Lynn highly recommended the Ultimate Crib Sheet. So, my mom bought the one above as a gift for Rock. But when Louisa came along, Juju wisely realized that we couldn't possibly let a baby girl sleep on a sheet embroidered in BLUE!!!**
Instead, she asked our family friend Lauren to customize a crib sheet just for Little Lou!
Thank you so much Lauren! Louisa loves it almost as much as I do!
**For the record, we don't worry too much about the whole girls-can't-do-blue thing so I'm perfectly happy to let Louisa sleep on the ultimate crib sheet embroidered in BLUE... and the two other ultimate crib sheets that don't have any embroidery. Especially when this one needs to be washed.


Lynn said...

That's awesome!!! This may be my new favorite baby gift. Seriously, isn't the ultimate crib sheet amazing?!?

Beck said...

Your daughter is insanely gorgeous. And I will be checking out this crib sheet. :)