Thursday, November 22, 2007

Fake Thanksgiving

For our November Monday Night Dinner with the Rabenhorsts, Hathaways, and Brockmans, we had a fake Thanksgiving. Because everyone loves the Thanksgiving meal so much, Annie suggested that we eat it twice this year. Of course we all agreed. Above is a pic of Rock with his favorite Aunt Susanna in Maryland.
Fix is doing his Clip impersonation. Clip has an adorable habit of sucking on his lower lip. It's so cute!
Sophie looking cute (if dazed) in her matching striped shirt and tights.
Jumping on Nana's lap.
Aiden does an awesome "Mater"(tow truck from the movie Cars) impersonation.


Rohal Call said...

I say any idea that involves lots of yummy food and friends/family gathering is a good one!

Rohal Call said...
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