Friday, November 16, 2007

Hunt for Hats

Rock has a pretty big head for his size (actually he has a pretty big SIZE for his size, but anyway...) so the other day I realized that I needed to try on some of his hats and make sure he wasn't going to outgrow them before he had a chance to wear them. As Rock's face can attest, we were all a little weirded out by this hunting hat hand-me-down from Dave and Erin. Even weirder, it has matching booties with little deer heads on them.
So I tried on the Pooh hat from Aunt Sarah (favorite aunt in Dallas) and Uncle Ron.
At this point (yes, just two hats in to "let's try on hats" time) he was done with trying on hats.
But to be fair, Rock was having a bad day. When trying on hat time went so sour so quickly, I decided he had just had enough of looking at our townhouse and my face all day. Thus, we left the hat on and went for a walk to the library. That calmed him down enough to fall asleep and take a sleeping picture with dad when we got back. (So, Aunt Sarah and Uncle Ron, don't develop a complex, he liked your hat just fine!)


Robert said...

Love the hunting hat... very "crazy man militia out in the woods protecting our freedom" looking. I dig. Also, seeing Stephen reminds me that there is a man who knows how to shop for clothes and will be much missed by me this weekend as I try in earnest to find myself a suit for the upcoming wedding.

los wagner said...

i wanna see the deer head booties...bring them on!