Monday, November 26, 2007

Kilts are Fun for EVERYONE!

Uncle Jason is getting married on Dec. 29th. For his wedding, he and his best man (Fix) and his father are all wearing kilts. They had kilts made especially for this occasion in the Gillespie dress tartan. Last Tuesday, we met Uncle Jason and Papa John in Alexandria to get fitted for the jackets and other accessories that they will be renting to wear with their kilts. In the picture above, Jason is doing his best Rock-sad-face impersonation and Papa John snuck in the back of the picture!
Here are all the men getting ready to try on their jackets (by the way, I apologize if there is an official Scottish name for the jacket... I can't remember these things!).
The groom being fitted. It should also be noted that we got extra tartan material for me to sew (unofficial) kilts for Rock and his cousin Caleb to wear to the wedding. If anyone knows of a great kilt pattern for babies, send it my way!


Robert said...

I swear by all that is holy (and unholy), I truly thought you guys were all 100% German, and this Scottish thing still throws me for a loop every time. But kilts at a wedding is always a good thing... will there be bagpipes?

Rohal Call said...

Let me check...nope...all out of baby kilt patterns. :)

Pictures...must take pictures!

Amber Angew said...

Couldn't you just pleat a rectangle into a band that ties around the waist? (you'd get the measurement for the rectangle by measuring around the waist, multiply by 3, add the amount for the box pleat and seam allowances (that's your length) and how long you'd want it to go down plus hem and seams (for width)) The "Little Kilt" is made that way...with a few differing modifications... but it's for a two-month old! You can cheat a wee bit :) I can't wait to see what you come up with!