Thursday, November 1, 2007

Perfect Pumpkin Quest 2007

Well, I had been talking up the pumpkin patch at Queen Anne Farm for a few days, so Rock was really excited about going to pick out his first Halloween pumpkin. He decided to take a nap before we went so he would be wide awake for this monumentous occasion.
So, here we are at the pumpkin patch! Wake up Rock! There's a giant pumpkin for you to explore! Alas, no. The boy would rather sleep than explore...
And he wasn't really up for opening his eyes for a 'sitting on a pumpkin' picture with dad...It's funny that he would keep sleeping through all this fun when he had been looking forward to it for so long. When I asked him to inspect this pumpkin to see if it was up to his standards, he just kept snoozing away.
Look Rock! A funky squash/gourd/green thing! That's worth waking up for, isn't it? Apparently not.
Okay, what about if we pick a pumpkin that's your size? Just open your eyes and tell me what you think of this one. When it came down to it, none of this pumpkin stuff was worth his time. That is until...
The CREEPY-WORK-OUT-PUMPKIN-BUNNY-HEAD! Now that's worth waking up for!
And now that it's time to go home, the boy was ready to play.
*** Note that the adorable jack-o-lantern outfit in these pictures was brought to you by Bethany, Rock's favorite aunt in Florida.***

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Nick, Annie, Aiden, Sophie and Baby Clip said...

Yes, why the work-out band on the bunny pumpkin? What the heck? The bunny pumpkin is already weird enough!!! Who makes up those signs?
Glad you all had fun! Did you carve a pumpkin?