Friday, November 2, 2007

Happy Halloween!

Rock was lucky enough to get three, yes three, Halloween outfits this year. So, we wore the first one to the pumpkin patch (thanks again Aunt Bethany!). This is Halloween outfit number two, which we wore for most of the day on Wednesday.
This one was purchased by Rock's Nana B (I keep changing her Grandma name because she hasn't picked one yet!) the day after she found out I was pregnant. It was purchased along with the "Going to Grandma's" outfit seen in the Monday Night Dinners blog, and a "Baby's 1st Christmas" outfit that will be worn in the near future. All three were gender neutral because we didn't know if Fetus Fix was a boy or girl at that time. It also came with a hat but Rock usually runs kinda hot (like his father, the human radiator) and so we decided not to wear the hat in order to keep him from overheating.
At around 3:30 pm, I realized that I needed to get carving if we were going to have any jack-o-lanterns to set outside for the trick-or-treaters. Fix was busy preparing for his oral examinations for the Presbytery Committee (the next step in getting licensed and ordained) and Rock was busy taking a nap. So, since they couldn't join me in the carving fun, I decided to make pumpkins to honor them in their absence. In case you couldn't tell, the one on the left is Rock, the one on the right is Fix.
Here we are, with Rock in his third and final Halloween outfit. This one was given to him by Erin (older sister of our former neighbor Megan) and Dave (her husband). This picture was taken at Mike (head pastor at RPCB) and Barb's house where we were having dinner. This is our weekly Wednesday night activity -- dinner together with the pastor and his wife and then prayer meeting at the church. Rock's outfit was a hit both with the trick-or-treaters coming to Mike and Barb's house as well as with the folks at the prayer meeting.
What do you think? Do they look like their pumpkins?
This one just made me laugh.

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Rohal Call said...

Hi again! It has been a while since I have been around to visit, but I just spent the last 15 min or so perusing all of the posts that I missed. You are doing much better than I am of updating your blog, but please come to visit us again when you can. Your little pumpkin is SO big and growing so fast. Adeline is crawling now! I will check back more often. Miss you....