Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Afternoon Nap

Take a look at the size of this kid! Rock really really loves to push up on his legs and wiggle around. Thus it was hard to get focused pictures of him before his afternoon nap.
Fix and Rock like to look over their shoulders.
Here we are getting ready to settle in for a long nap.... Well, one of us is sleeping...


Nick, Annie, Aiden, Sophie and Baby Clip said...

I can't see two of the pictures, but the ones I can see are great! He looks so big and I think he has really lost that "newborn" look. I still see you in him, though! He's not all Fix! :)
Can't wait to see you on Monday!

Elizabeth said...

I'm sorry I haven't commented yet. I was kind of waiting until I had Caleb's blog updated a little bit (which I AM actually working on...much inspired by you).

But I when I saw these pictures, I simply couldn't wait any longer.

He is getting SO BIG! I can hardly believe it's the same guy and I love your blog and being able to follow his growth and your everyday lives this way.

My favorite is the over the shoulder picture. The main difference I see between father and son is that one of them has a neck. That's something I forget about babies but we're just now noticing that Caleb is starting to get one and it makes him look older.

We love and miss you! Keep the posts and pictures coming!


Robert said...

This photo set reminds me of the "Dad Time" photo set from October 30th on the Lil'G Blog... not that anyone is comparing. hahaha... of course, each has a father and a new child, so how could they not be similar... but still, I am part of the MTV generation, I need variation and differentiation, and I need it right now!

Sorry I couldn't come down to visit Pebble this last weekend, but even if it takes me till the wedding to get to see him I am glad to have this blog to follow along with him... from a distance.

Beck said...

He is too darn cute! But I have to comment on the paint swatches...I have these all over my house stuck to my walls right now, too! Funny how it caught my eye. I love the colors you are thinking of selecting. We are about to repaint the main level. Back to the babies...Rock needs to meet Charlotte some day!

Christel said...

Love the chins - how adorable! (Rock profile shot.)