Monday, November 26, 2007

Sleeping with my shoes on...

This picture was taken for two reasons:
1) It was Rock's first time wearing shoes!!!
2) I set him down in his Boppy because his dad was not at home (he was off getting approved for Ordination by the Potomac Presbytery -- which all went off without a hitch so he'll be being ordained this coming Sunday evening at 6:00 at our church. If you are in the area, you are invited! Come one, come all, it'll be a very special evening) and I needed to grab a few things in the other room. Rock did not want to be set down so he started screaming. I walked into the other room and he immediately went silent. Worried that maybe he had fallen off the couch or something, I rushed back into the living room. But when I came back in I saw that everything was okay and he had simply passed out completely in a matter of seconds. Poor tired boy!


Robert said...

Congratulations on the ordination Stephen!!

Wish I could be there for the service... but the PCA currently has a restraining order against me, and I am not allowed within 500 yards of any PCA church property.

(Thank goodness the wedding is at an Episcopal Church, or things could have gotten complicated.)

Rohal Call said...

1. Cute shoes for a cute sleepy boy.

2. Congratulations Fix! Wish we could be there for the ordination service.

Elizabeth said...

We're so proud of Stephen and excited for this major event in your lives. (And we know that you, Rachel, played a BIG part in his getting there.)

Wish we could be there for the service!