Monday, August 24, 2009

Ben's Chili Bowl

On Saturday we ate lunch at one of DC's most famous eateries, Ben's Chili Bowl.
I tried to snap a picture of Rock sitting by the bear, but he was busy waving and calling out to Addy, Bethany, Juju and Rocket who had just arrived across the street.
He was successful in getting them where they needed to be.
Inside, everyone ordered the chili half-smoke and fries. Everyone but Rock and Addy that is. They split a hot dog and some fruit puffs. We all agreed that Ben's lived up to all the hype.
Back outside we got a sorta good picture together by the bear.


Bethany said...

That first picture of Rock and the bear, he looks like he's saying "please, please, no pictures".

Julie said...

These posts are so funny. This is exactly what the G's do when we get together - eat!

Elizabeth said...

I agree with Bethany. I thought Rock was doing the "famous person hiding from the paparazzi" pose.