Thursday, August 20, 2009


Does anyone else love Eamonn's in Alexandria as much as I do? I can't thank Uncle Jason enough for introducing me to this amazing fish-n-chips restaurant.
I talked my family into going there before they headed over to Mt. Vernon. Unfortunately, Rock and I couldn't come along for the M.V. trip as we had an even more important plan called "nap time."
And right before we began our meal, we realized that Rock's diaper was leaking all over his shorts. So he spent the meal in just his shirt and his diaper.
And even though his Aunt Sarah called him a "ghetto baby," Rock wasn't afraid to strut his stuff on the walk back to the car.
Work it.


fisherdm said...

Why does Rock look so pissed off? Did he forget to order dipping sauces?

I always order all 7 of them. The curry may be my favorite, and I'm pretty sure, those sauces are what inspired Spike's mayos at Good Stuff on Capitol Hill.

sarah said...

Awesome shot!

Elizabeth said...

I love the close up of him strutting his stuff. Caleb walks kind of like this, too. He really puts his shoulders into it, especially when he's running.

Beth said...

"Ghetto baby." Hysterical. :-)