Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Birthday Cake for Two!

In case you forgot, let me remind you that Rock and his cousin Addy share a birthday. Juju is not going to be with either of them on their actual birthday, so she threw them a joint 'party' while we were all together at her house for the crab feast.
In case you can't tell, Rock and Addy wore matching outfits for the occasion.
Like any good one-year-old, Addy dug right into the cake.
Rock waited patiently while we all sang, blew out both candles,...
And dug right in! The homemade ice cream was provided by Judy and Marty.
Sarah and Ron got him a set of RESCUE RODS Hotwheels.
And later he opened a wiffle ball set from Juju.She even demonstrated how to use it.


Susanna said...

Wiffle ball is one of the many sports Juju plays left-handed. Jacks (jax?) included.

Elizabeth said...

I am so eager to see Rock and Caleb side by side. I have a feeling Caleb is going to look like a shrimp. I weighed him the other day and he's still only 30 lbs. He's always completely uncooperative with the measuring tape so I really have no idea how tall he is. Last time we checked he was around 33.5 but he has outgrown some pants since then so maybe 34. Do you know Rock's vitals these days?