Friday, August 21, 2009

Friday night

When Uncle Ron got into town, we went out to dinner at...
Rosa Mexicano in National Harbor.
If it wasn't for that building on the right, we would have had water-front seating.
Even Fix came along for a quick bite before he rushed off to a meeting.
After the Crab Bomb the night before, and the fish-n-chips for lunch, I figured I was due for some seafood, so I got the Crab Empanadas. They were fantastic. The perfect dish to help me prepare for the Crab Feast the next night.
Rock and Juju and the Dodge racecar. What you can't see is the Custom Willy's Coupe in his left hand. Right after we took this he rolled it off the balcony we were sitting on.
Thankfully Juju was willing to walk down with him to retrieve it. Hooray!


Lynn said...

Does this mean the crab feast pictures are next?!?

That is a really great picture of you and Fix.

fisherdm said...

Echo Lynn's comment - great shot of the two of you!