Thursday, August 27, 2009

Crab Feast

What good is a visit to Maryland in the Summer if you don't have a CRAB FEAST?!
On the last night that everyone was in town, we all gathered at my parents house where we ate an entire bushel of crabs. And they were GOOD!
The people in this picture (and Addy and Rock) did not eat any crabs.
We ate crabs into the dark hours of the night. Then sat outside talking, smoking cigars (well, only a few of the menfolk did this), and eating cake and ice cream.
Here's the whole Crab Feast crew (minus Rock and Addy who were already asleep at this point).


Bethany said...

Awesome pictures. I think we need some close-ups of the t-shirt contest. I've been meaning to get them up on my blog but I haven't had any time to work on it!

Isaac and Joanna said...

Yeah, explain what the t-shirts are all about! Looks like a wonderfully crabby time. =)

Elizabeth said...

Sounds to me like we won't need to do the crabs in NC. ;)