Monday, August 17, 2009


Keyboards are usually a "no touch" area for Rock.
But the other day I let him have a little time with the "um-puter..."
So he could send an email to Rocket and Juju.
Little did I know that touching these keys would bring such delight. Anyone else up for an email from Rock?


Deb said...

Well, as you know, our granddaughter has been quite affluent with the keyboard for some time now (hahaha).

We would LOVE an email from Rock!

He looks like he's got pretty good finger placement there!

Isaac and Joanna said...

Baby Zac would love to hear from Rock! =)

J said...

oh yes, i would adore an email from rock!

Elizabeth said...

Well, I'm sure Caleb would love an e-mail from Rock, especially because he would probably think that would justify him getting some keyboard time to write Rock a response. He has managed to permanently damage (fortunately not completely ruin) my F key by playing around on it when he wasn't supposed to be.