Thursday, August 6, 2009


Although he does play with Baby Addy occasionally, he prefers cars (and trucks and tractors and trains). He usually has at least one matchbox car in each hand at all times.
Lately, he and Fix have been spending a lot of time playing "cars and trucks" (as Rock calls it). They set up all Rock's blocks as 'buildings' and drive the cars (and trucks and trailors and trains) in and around them.
Fix is much better at playing this game than I am. In fact, if I were asked to give it a name, I would call it "Boring Time." But they love it and I love to watch them play together. Rock's imagination is blossoming before our eyes!


Beck said...

Rachel, is that a Pepsi sign I see? Won't your mom feel so betrayed??? ;)

RB said...

Great gender-identity balancing with these two posts being back to back... gentle with the little doll and exploratory with the Matchbox cars.

Good stuff.

Nick, Annie, Aiden, Sophie and Clip said...

I would have to second the title of "Boring time" for playing with cars. Everytime Aiden asks (or asked) me to do that in his biggest car phases, I would always try to think of an excuse of why I couldn't. I would SO MUCH RATHER play dolls or kitchen with Sophie -- who, ironically, spends more time playing cars with Aiden than playing dolls or kitchen. :)
But Aiden definitely puts in his time playing princesses! :)
Which reminds me, Rocket is a FABULOUS princess player! :)

Z Mom said...

I hear ya on the "boring play." Peter went through a "fun" phase of wanting everyone to "talk giraffe and zebra."

Guys are just so much better at this type of thing it seems...David loves it, Thank God.

Isaac said...

Man I can't wait for some "Boring Time" with Zac.