Friday, August 28, 2009

Bethany's Crabby

My sister Bethany has a tendency towards negativity. Although she is usually sweet, her outlook can sometimes be a bit pessimistic. As a family we choose to tease her about this.
So, when planning for the weekend's activities, Sarah came up with an EXCELLENT idea. She sent everyone but Bethany and Kelly an email challenging us to each make a t-shirt that said BETHANY'S CRABBY.
Of course we all accepted this offer and set about secretly creating our t-shirts. No one was allowed to discuss ANY ASPECT OF THEIR SHIRT before we all slipped them on at the beginning of the crab feast. We also decided that Bethany and Kelly would be the judges of the winning shirt.
Fix and I tag-teamed our shirts. He helped me with the designing, and I did the iron-on transfers.
Rocket's shirt focused on the great truths of life... God is love. Time is Money. Gators (Bethany went to the University of Florida) are #1 (for now). And Bethany (initials BBB) is Crabby.
The back of his shirt (and the color and the Gator reference) seemed like a shameless attempt to sway the judges. He used fabric markers to draw his own design.
Susanna also used fabric markers to re-create scenes from our childhood. The first shows what would happen when (crabby) Bethany invited her sisters to spend the night in her room. One by one she'd kick us out.
The back of Zuni's shirt also depicts a real-life moment when all four daughters were crammed into the back seat of the Taurus and Sarah got a little crabby herself.
Speaking of Sarah -- her shirt was also clearly made to woo the judges as she choose a simple design in Gator colors.
Juju's entry poked fun at all of Bethany's family... there is a crab for each one of us.
Ron's shirt was a nod to Napoleon Dynamite...
With a twist.
Annie made a last-minute entry with this shirt for Clip. In case you can't make it out, it reads "If you think THIS is crabby (pictures of a very upset Clip) You should see BETHANY!"
Close up of Fix's shirt and his son's wiffle-ball-bat.
And a close up of the WINNING SHIRT!!!!! I credit my win to the circa-1994 hairstyle that Bethany was sporting in this picture.


Beth said...

I was hoping you would post more on the shirts! So funny! (And creative).

Jen said...

Very funny! Ah sisters. Good times. Good times. Sounds exactly likes something my sisters and I would do...hmmm...that gives me an idea...Thanks, Rach!

Isaac and Joanna said...

What are families for, right! So cute. Congrats on your win! Was there a prize?

Nancy said...

Your family is so hilarious! I love it!

Z Mom said...

I'm glad none of my sibs (4), read your blog. Glad you guys and gals had a great time getting crabby.

Carrie, Stephen, Molly and Oliver said...

those are hilarious!

Lynn said...

Woo hoo!!! I was hoping you were going to post more crab fest details! HILARIOUS!!! Great designs all around.